Library Tapes - that’s pianist David Wenngren from Sweden. Director Jan Gassmann used to write on Europe, she loves while listening to his music. One day he reached out to him, asking him to compose the Original Score for the film. David happily agreed. In that process, which took almost a year, they worked on at least seventy pieces, ranging from abstract sounds to classic piano pieces. 

In the middle of this process David involved canadian-born cellist Julia Kent, member of Antony and the Johnsons and known for her solorecords, who arranged and performed the cello on several tracks.

At the end of the editing process Jan and David asked the electronical artist KWEST to remix the score, some of those tracks found their way into the final movie. Jan Gassmann and David Wenngren never met in person, Jan was working from Argentina and David from Sweden. They might meet the first time on the premier of this movie.

Library Tapes will release the Original Score of Europe, she loves as his first non-piano record in his ten years of band history.

You can buy the album and the remixes on Bandcamp.

The album is also available on Spotify. The remixes of KWEST are here.